The Physical Plant

We have a beautiful, brick two story church.   The sanctuary has seating for 3oo people.  It has 13 Tiffany Windows which are very beautiful. The church has a chapel that seats approx. 100 people.  We have two meeting rooms upstairs, church office and choir room.  Our Sunday school rooms and large working kitchen are downstairs.  The Haverstraw Youth Theatre continues to use our stage and its seating area.

Our clock tower is now the site for several mobile phone companies antennae.  We receive monthly income from each company, which has been a blessing for our church.

In 2009 we upgraded our heating system.  We now have 4 heating zones in the entire building.  This is saving on energy costs. Our manse was renovated in 2008.  It has 3 bed rooms and 1 ½ baths. It is currently being leased by a private family. The manse is approximately worth $230,000.00.  We can not even guess what our church building is worth.  We feel it is priceless.  We need to continue to do necessary repairs as they come about.  We do not have any major renovations planned.

The Sanctuary   


Stained Glass Windows      

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